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Last update: May 19th, 2016 at 11:45 a.m.
Steeldrums (Steelpans) waiting to be played at Nottinghill Carnival in London 1987.

Hi everybody
I am looking for 'qualified' pan people who are interested in taking part in a masterclass course to be held within
3 days in July 2016 in Bordeaux/France organized by the local stelband SO'CALYPSO. The masterclass would be
teached by an international well known pan musician and arranger. There are some pans available but bring
your own pan if possible. The price for the course depends on the amount of pan players. There are some
sleeping facilities available at locals residents as well as camping. This course will help you to appropriate your
playing technique rather than 'discovering' the instrument.
Thank you for your contact by e-mail.

Fanny BROUEILH - Co-President of So'Calypso - Phone: 0033 06 44 01 70 33

Bonjour tout le monde,
Je fais un petit sondage auprès des panistes susceptibles d'être intéressés par une masterclass l'été prochain.
Le steelband So'Calypso situé à Bordeaux, voudrait organiser ça avec un musicien, arrangeur, compositeur reconnu à
l'international. Ce stage se déroulerait au mois de Juillet sur trois jours. Quelques pans sur place seront disponibles mais
l'apport d'instrument personnel sera le bienvenue. Le prix variera selon le nombre de participant. Possibilité de logement
chez l'habitant (chambres, camping) ou par vos propres moyens. Cette masterclass n'a pas pour but la découverte du
steeldrum mais plutôt d'acquérir des techniques nouvelles et une autre vision de l'instrument.
Merci de me répondre par e-mail si vous êtes susceptibles d'être intéressés.
Merci à vous - Keep Music - A très bientôt

Fanny BROUEILH - Co-Présidente So'Calypso - Phone: 0033 06 44 01 70 33


Dear European Steelbands

Please find an email I received from Kim Johnson (T&T), author of the book
"The Illustrated Story of Pan", published 2011 and co-author of the film
"Pan! Our Music Odyssey", released 2014:

Hi Mathias. We met a long time ago. What I would like is some HD film footage of a steelband performing.
About 30   seconds to one minute.  It is to be used in a a documentary about pan which I am making. I need
images of different steelbands from around the world that illustrate the statement "pan has spread to North
America, Europe, Japan, Australia by small steelbands sprouting like wildflowers". It has to be HD (cinematic
quality, at least 1080p) and the band should visibly be non-Caribbean. And I would need a written copyright
release. If you can get that for me it would be greatly appreciated. It will be around 200-300MB in size but
you could send it to me by dropbox or any of the ways large files are transferred to >
Perhaps you could ask some of the other Swiss bands to do the same. Kim.
If you wish to publish informations on any of these webpages
please contact: Matthias G. Kauer, e-mail: